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Portfolio - Countertops

Most people associate us with stone countertops. And we love it. It's our specialty certainly; we've installed thousands and can discuss every aspect of the process with you.

Red Marinace kitchen perimter counters and island.
Red Marinace island as shown in the above photo.
Juperana Delicatus perimeter counters and island.
Juperana Delicatus island as shown in the above photo.
New Venetian Gold granite counters.
Millenium Creme perimeter counters and island.
Blue Pearl island.
Malachite perimeter counters and island.
Juperana Bird counters.
Louisa Blue perimeter counters and island.
Bamboo Green counters.
Golden Sienna limestone counters and island.
Golden Sienna limestone sink view of the above photo.
Absolute Black Venezian Finish counters and island.  This photo was taken while the home was in the final stages of construction.
Virginia Red Kyanite counters.  This stone is quarried in Dillwyn, Virginia.
This island is also Virginia Red Kyanite from the same home as in the photo above.
5cm White Carrara kitchen
5cm White Carrara island
Sink view of the 5cm island with undermount farm style sink
Fiore Secco Island
5cm Calacatta Gold5cm Calacatta Gold marble with pencil eased edge profile
UbaTuba Kitchen countersUbaTuba kitchen counters with a bullnose edge profile.
Tile backsplashTumbled botticino backsplash; ubatuba windowsill
Sink RunAyers Green sink run
Sink RunNook